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REPIC’s new website: Unveiling knowledge hub for the WEEE sector

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Today marks a significant milestone for REPIC, the UK’s largest household waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) producer compliance scheme, as it proudly unveils its new company website.

A notable addition to the new look site is the introduction of a dynamic online resource section, ‘Making a Difference’, designed to be a knowledge hub for anyone involved with WEEE.

Accompanying the launch is the first in a series of insightful reports on consumer attitudes and motivations regarding the purchase and use of second-hand electrical products.

This initial report published by the WEEE compliance scheme, delves into the factors influencing consumers to choose second-hand and refurbished electricals, contributing to the development of a more circular economy.

Louise Grantham, Chief Executive at REPIC, commented: “Our aim is to foster a deeper understanding and awareness of the WEEE sector, specifically exploring the challenges and opportunities arising. The new dynamic platform provides organisations and individuals with the information they need to make informed decisions and contribute to a more sustainable future. From cutting-edge research on the circular economy to real-life updates on industry projects, our website aims to be the go-to destination for staying at the forefront of waste electrical management.”

Key findings within REPIC’s Consumer Insight research on second-hand and refurbished electricals, which can be downloaded for free here:

New, over used:

Four out of five consumers prefer to purchase brand-new electrical products, with only 4% opting for used or refurbished alternatives.

Cost effectiveness and conscious choices:

For those embracing the second-hand market, cost-effectiveness is the primary motivation, particularly when confidence in the product’s condition is assured.

Mobile phones lead the way:

The mobile phone market stands out as a success story in the used appliance market, offering valuable insights for potential replication in other product categories.

Openness to used electricals:

Two-thirds of household’s express openness to purchasing used electricals, with preferences varying across product types.

REPIC’s new website aims to become the destination for staying at the forefront of waste electrical management, openly sharing the latest updates, research papers and invaluable insights from REPIC’s collaborative partnerships with organisations across the UK, Europe and beyond.

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